Vegan Living

ZERO Waste Gift Basket for the Eco-Friendlies

I’ve gotten into the habit of including a useful basket when gifting instead of purchasing the common gift bag/tissue paper combo.  Most people just throw the wrapping away without skipping a beat and I hate the thought of a perfectly good bag ending up in a landfill instead of being reused.  With the exception of a few slip ups, I have managed to reuse most of the bags, boxes, bows, tissue paper, etc. my family receives from gifts.  The 3 main benefits of reusing these items are less waste (win for the environment), less money spent (win for your wallet) and the convenience of not having to go fetch these last minute items on top of the gift (win for your time).

This is one of the first gift BASKETS I created and it focused on zero waste & conscious living.  All the items shown were found at TJ Max and Marshalls here on the East Coast.  I used a cotton bath towel to play the role as tissue paper and kept the theme going with some other bathroom/spa essentials.  You can do the same thing perhaps with a bathrobe instead, or a bunch of hand/face towels.  The options are endless!  You can never go wrong with a candle and I was lucky enough to score an amazing vegan soy wax one along with bamboo toothbrushes, reusable face towels/pads and a container to hold said pads. Some items not pictured that were also added to the basket include a shampoo bar with a soap saver baggie and some knitted reusable cotton pads.

I had a blast creating this basket and it felt good knowing the items play a beneficial role in improving our planet and health all around.  I intend to incorporate more conscious living items whenever possible as gifts to my loved ones and clients!

Real Estate

April Showers Bring May Flowers Pop-by Gift Idea for Realtors

One thing I absolutely love about being  a realtor and running my own business is the creativity portion when it comes to marketing and prospecting.  I’ve dabbled with some creative popby ideas with my past and potential clients since I doorknock most of my listing leads.  A popby for those of you wondering, is a relatively small gift to show your appreciation to your past and future clients that is usually hand delivered. You literally pop-by to check in and express you’re gratitude.
Some items I’ve made have been The Wrapping Paper Project (will explain in detail on a future blog) during Christmas time, pies or pumpkins during the fall season, Candy bags during Halloween, you get the idea…
Other times I deliver popbys are when I have a listing or am hosting an open house in a very nice area.  I do this to optimize my chances on snagging another listing in the same neighborhood.
This particular pop by is to target my seller’s neighbors that live on a lovely cul de sac.  Since it’s springtime, I figured you can’t go wrong with flowers.  Especially when you have a bunch left over that you need to gift away asap!  As a vegan, I am pro-bees so I wanted to make sure my gift served them a purpose as well this season.  The flower pots and shovels were roughly one dollar each at my local Wal-Mart.
I made 12 of them to door knock every neighbor living on my seller’s street.  What will I say, you may ask??  Hello, my name is Jenn Costa with Keller Williams and I’m selling your neighbors home right down the street.  I wanted to formally introduce myself, give you this small gift and if you know anyone who is looking to purchase a home in your wonderful neighborhood, please send them my way!
This shows the neighbors that you’re a pro active agent for your sellers and who doesn’t like hearing compliments about their home and neighborhood anyway?!  Popping by with a gift for them doesn’t hurt either.  Chances are high that after one home sells on the street, a neighborhood home will go up for sale within 30 days.  The goal is to be THEIR agent as well!